July 6, 2017

Wedding Traditions You Don’t Have to Follow

Wedding Traditions You Don't Have to Follow

Wedding Traditions You Don’t Have to Follow

Your wedding is all about you and your partner. Together, you get to make all of the design decisions, plan out how your day will go, choose your guest list, pick your vendors and opt for traditional, non-traditional or a combination of both.

Your wedding day should be unique and true to you. That means you don’t have to follow the usual wedding traditions. Whether you’d rather wear a beautiful jumpsuit or 2-piece than a white or ivory dress, or you’d like to keep your wedding party small and not have bridesmaids or groomsmen, it’s totally up to you. In this post, I want to share 5 Wedding Traditions You Don’t Have to Follow. This post was inspired by past couples and their decision to forego tradition. 


Vows are such a personal thing. While you can absolutely find readings that resonate with you or lyrics from a song you claim as yours, this is an opportunity to express your true thoughts and feelings about the person you’re committing to sharing your life with. This may be the only time in your life when you will stand before each other and pour out your heart. If you feel called to ditch those scripts, join those who are now choosing to write their own vows to make it a truly meaningful moment of the day.

It’s becoming more popular now to exchange your vows privately during your first look.

This is great for a number of reasons, especially if your man doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Check out this article for more tips on how to include your man and let him know you are keeping his opinions in mind.


Do you have to wait until the ceremony for the first look? No way! Couples are now opting for a first look before the ceremony to make this a moment for just the two of you. You won’t have much time alone on your wedding day, so I highly recommend this moment.

Here are just a few reasons why I think a pre-ceremony first look is worth considering!! 

  • Private: Most likely, your man is going to be nervous standing in front of a crowd of people, and his expression may not be the one you’re hoping for. However in a private location with just the two of you, he will be more comfortable to show his true emotions.
  • Flattering: If you opt for a first look before the ceremony, you have the added bonus of even lighting. Your photographer will be able to control the environment, position you both with background and lighting in mind. If you ceremony is outdoors, lighting is often really harsh on one side and the photos won’t be as whimsical. Most indoor ceremonies require artificial lighting and those first look photos will lack beautiful, soft natural light.
  • Romantic: Another benefit is going to be the added romance in the photos. Your photographer will be able to get both of you in the photo at the same time for the first look. If you have two photographers you’re able to get both of your expressions in the same photo. There are also a lot more photos during this first look, because we give you time to actually just be together and do whatever naturally feels right. It’s a moment that you will never forget. It’s a moment that is shared only between you both and it’s a time where you actually get to have a conversation and share in the excitement together before you declare your love and commitment in front of your family and friends.
  • Efficient: If you’re able to get your portraits done before the ceremony, you will have more time to enjoy your cocktail hour and visit with your guests. A pre-ceremony first look also allows you a later ceremony start-time, if a sunset ceremony is important to you.


Your bridesmaids and groomsmen no longer have to wear the same outfits. Instead, they can choose different colors or different styles. No more feeling uncomfortable or trying to find one-fits-all attire. You chose these people as your bridesmaids and groomsmen because you love who they are, so why not let them express their personality and unique style through their dresses or suits? You may also choose to have your groom wear a different color suit coat and or tie so that he stands out from the other groomsmen.


The traditional bridal march is old news, feel free to pick something different! Make this moment even more special by choosing something meaningful to you. Whether you want to make it fun or just have a beautiful twist on the original bridal march, put your own take on the most magical walk of your life. It’s likely that your guests have been to a few weddings in their days, take this opportunity to incorporate new songs. When you exit as a newly married couple, play something that will leave your guests saying “this song is totally them”. 


This tradition brings with it mixed emotions. Some feel the garter removal is disrespectful to older guests and to the bride’s father. Some don’t want to single out their single friends (perhaps they don’t want to get married or actually want to propose themselves). A garter and toss bouquet is another added expense and if the toss doesn’t hold any significance to you, don’t feel like you need to uphold tradition just because it’s “tradition”.

There are many more wedding traditions you don’t have to follow

Like going on honeymoon the day after your wedding, giving wedding favors, a 3 tier cake, separate parent dances or being carried over the threshold of your home together. As long as the day is filled with love and spent with those you want to share it with, you’ll be sure to make lots of memories.

I would love to capture those specials moments and document your day! Let’s set up a coffee date and chat details about your wedding. I can’t wait for us to connect!

What wedding traditions have you chosen not to follow? Please comment below, we’d love to know!! 

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Wedding Traditions You Don't Have to Follow





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