July 17, 2017

How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning

How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning, How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning


Full of beautiful images of real weddings and styled shoots, Pinterest is for sure the home of inspiration for planning your perfect day. There’s something for everyone and every theme. From fine art to rustic and contemporary to traditional. You’ll find it all there, but it can be overwhelming.

With so much to choose from and so many ideas for all budgets, putting together boards that you’ll actually pull from can be a challenge.

In this post, I want to share my top tips for how to effectively use Pinterest for wedding planning.  I want to show you ways to avoid overwhelm, make the most of the platform and enjoy the process!


Start by pinning everything you initially like to a master wedding board (even if you’ve had one before you got engaged, start a brand new one now). Don’t edit just yet, now’s the time to go all out. You might immediately pick up on themes and color palettes that you’re drawn to, but don’t forget that your day is going to be completely unique. It might not look like it’ll work, but your wedding planner or entourage of gal pals will be able to help! Have fun with this part, your budget doesn’t matter here.

Tip: Use Pinterest like a visual search engine rather than a social network – use search terms like you would when looking for ideas on Google!

How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning, How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning


Once you’ve added enough pins to cover all areas of your day, take some time to move these onto individual boards or sections, like table decor, ceremony backdrops, dresses, hairstyles etc. Get as specific as you’d like here! This will help you to organize your pins and easily find what you’re looking for. Now you may begin to identify a look or theme base on what you’ve been saving. If you’re completely new to wedding terms, look at the pin descriptions to pick out words that describe your style. It’s helpful for all vendors involved to know what kind of vibe you’re going for. 

Take it Further: Create a mood board for your wedding. Choose 8-10 photos from your boards that really speak to you and make you feel inspired. These photos should include colors, textures, and decor ideas that help add to the feel of your day. Feel free to check out these for a little inspiration.

Tip: Your wedding doesn’t have to be have to fit one specific theme. You may find that you like a bits and pieces of each and want to create your own. This is your day, and it should completely be a reflection of you guys! 


We change our minds all the time, especially when it comes to planning our wedding! So, come back to your boards and remove anything you don’t love. If you’re not sure and think you might end up reverting back, move these pins into a separate board to avoid not being able to find it again later. 

Tip: Use secret boards if you want it to be a surprise for friends and family!


To save back-and-forth emailing with your wedding planner, create a group board with them. Make sure to only share curated boards that don’t have hundreds of pins. Cluttered boards can be too chaotic and actually hinder the initial goal of simplicity and organization.

You might also like to create group boards to share with your photographer of moments you want to capture or with your caterer/florist/stationer if you find it difficult to explain what you’re looking for.

Pinterest is a great place to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to your wedding, but take your time with it to avoid overwhelm. Keep the fun in it and you’ll make the process as dreamy as the day! 

5. More Tips:

  • Inspire: Expect Pinterest to provide only inspiration. So often we can get sucked into trying to look for the exact thing we saw in a pin and it can be super frustrating.
  • Increase efficiency: Set a timer and limit yourself to reasonable amount of time per session. Pinterest is like a dark never ending rabbit hole, you may start looking for wedding dress ideas and then end up looking at tips for cleaning your washing machine. Don’t get sucked it. Set a goal of what you’re looking for and stay on task!!
  • More doing, less pinning: I often fall into this trap of just pinning ideas or articles, but then never actually reading the articles, applying the tips or making the cute DIY projects. Pinterest gives us a false sense of productivity, but in the end all we’ve done is saved ideas and our wedding is no closer to being planned!!

Have you started a Pinterest board yet? Please comment below with a link to your board, we’d love to see it!

Looking for a photographer to document your day and all of these details? Let’s set up a coffee date and chat details about your wedding. I can’t wait for us to connect!

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How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning,How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning

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