September 14, 2018

Fall Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Fall Wedding Invitation Inspiration: Featuring Basic Invite

If you are planning a wedding, or know someone that is, it is my hope that this post will be helpful and encouraging to you. I know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be. The endless list of decisions that must be made can often feel daunting. Finding the person you want to spend your life with, choosing the perfect venue and locking in a date are some of the hardest decisions you will make. In my opinion, choosing your save the dates and wedding invitations are some of the most fun. You’re officially announcing your wedding and giving your guests a first impression of what they can expect at your wedding. YAY!!! Insert happy dance here.

You might be thinking that designing your invitations should be fun, but the thought is giving you a little anxiety. You’re not even sure where to start, or what to include. Today I want to spotlight an amazing company called Basic Invite. They truly take care of everything!! With so many amazing options to choose from, they completely walk you through the whole process of creating a customized wedding invitation experience. Check out why I highly recommend Basic Invite and why I love what they have to offer.

1. Professional Templates + Endless Customization Options

Basic Invite offers over 900 beautifully designed wedding suites. You can find EVERYTHING from save the dates, enclosure cards, menus, programs and even matching thank you cards! There is honestly something for everyone, and they have a great selection of fall invitations. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This one is a little dark and moody but I love the flowers and the gold foiling for the letters.

This one is a little more traditional looking, but I love the sophistication and color scheme.

Templates are a really great place to start, but they don’t always look exactly perfect. I’ve found that other templates on the market do not always allow you to customize EVERYTHING about the template. Basic Invite offer the unimaginable. They take the guess work out of creating an invitation suite from scratch, while allowing you to make the invitation EXACTLY what you want. Check out these amazing options.

180+ Color Options for Invitation: 

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you to choose from over 180 color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card. You can make sure the card is exactly how you want it – down to the smallest detail. This is definitely a game changer when trying to match your invitation to your wedding colors and make sure you’re creating a cohesive feel.

40+ Envelope Colors: 

Customers can choose from over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes so that they can make their invitation stand out even before it is opened. I think this is a huge plus, because so often people have to purchase envelopes separately from another vendor to match their color scheme. Basic Invite truly takes the time to make sure every detail is covered. 

Fully Customized Text: 

Another thing I love, is that every aspect of the text can be customized. So often when using template based invitations you cannot change anything about the invitation except the names and dates. This way if a greeting sounds too formal, or you don’t like the wording, you can simply click edit add your own wording to match your personality.  Below I’ve included a screen shot so you can see just how easy it is to customize the colors and text.

Paper Type: 

They offer several different paper types. Included in the regular price of the invitation is Signature Matte or Smooth Coated. You can also upgrade to a Premium Shimmer, Luxe Velvet or Double Thick Matte paper to add more of an elegant touch to your invites. 

Card Shape:

If you’re wanting to add even more of a personalized element to your card they offer 3 alternatives to a traditional squared edge invitation. You can opt for rounded, bracket or ticket shaped cards instead. Such a fun way to add some uniqueness to your suite. 

Seal & Send Wedding Invitations: 

This new collection is a super practical all-in-one invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard included! They offer them in over 30 designs, including some of their most popular foil options. Guests addresses are printed on the front of each invitation which means no envelopes are necessary! Once you receive your order all you have to do is add postage, fold your invites, and secure them with a sticker! Simple, easy, and super trendy.

2. Beautiful Accessories + Practical Touches

Peel + Seal Envelopes: 

This is a seriously such a practical and genius touch. These peel + seal envelopes makes prepping the invitations so much easier and I love the squared envelope (instead of the traditional triangle) it definitely looks more modern and trendy.

Free Guest + Address Printing: 

Upload your guest list including addresses, and Basic Invite will print your return address and guest addresses free of charge!! This feature save you tons of time and will make an amazing first impression!!

Custom Samples: 

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you the ability to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see exactly how it will print. You will receive firsthand the same experience as your guests receive when they open feel your invitation, for the first time. All this happens before you even place your final order. What a relief knowing that you can even order multiple samples to help make your final decision. Seeing invitations in person always makes it easier to make a final decision.


I absolutely love their pocket invitation line. It looks so professional and polished to pull a pocket out first that includes the invitation, accommodation information, response card and directions. This layered component really adds visual interest to your suite.

Foil Lettering: 

Foiled invitations are super popular and trendy right now. I love the added dimension and elegance foil lettering adds.

Envelope Liners: 

These are my absolute favorite way to add personality to your invitation suite. It may be an added cost, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it. It’s another layer of that first impression!! If these liners are not in the budget, at least order a sample to give to your photographer to use when they are photographing your details. It really adds a lot of dimension to the photos and takes your suite to the next level.

3. Free Wedding Website

Basic Invite offers free wedding websites which are all completely customizable just like their invitations. These websites are mobile friendly and super easy to use. You can instantly upload all of your wedding details along with images and a map with directions which is super convenient for your guests. Choose from 180 custom colors and even choose a design to match your wedding invitation suite!

Website Features:

  • Free Address Collection Service: Each website features an address collection service to request addresses with three simple steps. Share a link, collect addresses, and upload them into your design instantly.
  • Virtual RSVPS: to save money and expedite the response process, utilize this online RSVP feature. Guests are more likely to respond when they don’t have to remember to drop something in the mail.

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I hope that you have enjoyed this spotlight feature today and that you’re excited to start designing your invitations. Basic Invite also offers baby and graduation announcements, other event invitations, stationery and so much more.

Stay tuned for more vendor spotlight posts!! I always promise to keep things real and share the most current and up to date products with you. 

I would love for you to leave a comment below and tell me your wedding colors and invitation ideas!

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