behind the scenes 

I'm so excited you've stopped by. Congrats on your recent engagement and upcoming wedding. I can't wait to hear all about your wedding. Since we are going to be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day I'd love for you to get to know a little about me. 

I am a very passionate, determined and outgoing person. I love being adventurous and trying new things. If I had to choose one thing that defines me, it would be my relationships. They truly encompass every area of my life. 

Photography is more than just a passion, it's part of who I am. I specialize in wedding photography because I love what weddings represent. It's the beginning of a lifelong covenant, entering into one of the hardest most rewarding relationships you'll ever have. Photography means more than just beautiful imagery, it's capturing the essence of the relationships and the moments behind that beauty. It's capturing those quiet moments when your dad sees you in your gown for the first time, that tear rolling down that he's trying to hide, that sweet glance your flower girl gives you when she sees the most beautiful princess in the world. It's those moments that truly take my breath away. 

As your photographer you're getting a personal storyteller. I don't feel as though I could truly capture who you are on camera if I don't personally know the real you. What makes you laugh, and which one of your smiles is your real one? What is it about your fiance that made you fall in love?


These are all things I truly care about to ensure that the real you shines through in each photograph. It's important to me that we meet face to face at least twice before your wedding. In addition to our initial getting to know each other meeting, we will meet again for an expectations meeting about 1 month prior to your wedding. This is where we will go through a detailed list of questions so I know specifically who and what moments are the most important. 

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Aside from my Bible, Non-fiction books are my jam! My favorites are one's relating to parenting, marriage, growing in my relationship with God and anything about business.

my wardrobe mostly consists of white, black, and gray with some pops of Color with accessories

I'm obsessed with dark skinny jeans, graphic tees & sandals.