August 22, 2017

Jessica + Mike | Romantic Papago Park Maternity

It’s always such a honor to photograph a past client, especially one who is celebrating a baby on the way. This past week, I had an amazing time photographing their Romantic Papago Park Maternity session. Earlier this year I had the privilege to photograph Jessica and Mike’s beautiful wedding at The Wright House. You can see their wedding on the blog here. I was so excited to hear that they were expecting and wanted to take some photos.

When they arrived for their session, I love how candid Jessica was about not really wanting to take these photos. She said “I know I will regret if I don’t take them, but I don’t necessarily feel the prettiest right now”. I can totally relate. When I was pregnant, I felt the same way. But my gosh, she looks amazing!! I hope after she sees these photos she realizes how stunning she looks pregnant. I mean she makes it look amazing!!! She also has this inner model inside that comes alive while she is being photographed, which makes my job so easy!! Mike can definitely hold his own. He has this funny and goofy side that comes out and he makes her bust up laughing, but at the same time can make serious look fierce. They are a stunning couple that’s for sure!!

Jessica + Mike: Thank you so much for trusting me again to take such precious photos. I hope you guys love these and look back on them often. Cherish these next few months while you’re waiting for baby Charlotte to arrive. Your lives will forever be changed, in a good way!! Make time for each other even though Charlotte will want to take every ounce of your attention. Love you guys and I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby!!

Pink Flowy Maternity Gown
Pink Flowy Maternity Gown, Desert Maternity
Pink Flowy Maternity Gown, Desert Maternity
Papago Park Desert Maternity
Papago Park Desert Maternity
Stunning Pink Desert Maternity Photo
Papago Park Desert Maternity
Papago Park Desert Maternity Belly Exposed
Papago Park Desert Maternity
Papago Park Desert Maternity Laughing
Papago Park Desert Maternity Showing Some Leg
Papago Park Desert Maternity Romantic




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